'Cirque du Soleil - Worlds Away'

 started filming here in Auckland in November 2010. Our Circus was where this fantastic family adventure story begins.  
The Circus providing most artists and the tent was Circus Aotearoa. Please check them out! You find them again on the 'Godplex' page...
 I was lucky enough to play the Ringmaster for this opening Circus.
The movie was done by Andrew Adamson and  James Cameron. Andrew is such an incredible director. It was absolute pleasure and the greatest honor to work with him! 
The movie is, as you can see, in 3D and due for release on the 21st of December 2012.
I will extend this page AFTER the release with more 'behind the scenes' pictures and infos...

Here is the First Trailer release.

A look at more features on 'YouTube'

And the Official Site.

In front of 'my' Circus...  ,Goodbye shot with Andrew (Adamson)...  The movie poster...