Woodenhead is a fantastic fairy tale created by Florian Habicht. It is loosely based on Grimm's Brothers stories and extremely(!) artistic. It is surely not based on 'everyones' taste, but if you look at a movie like a painting with all these little areas leaving room for continuous new discoveries, then this one is for you!
It was shot mainly in Northland NZ in full color, but was distributed in BW.
I'm not playing in this movie, I am the 'Radio Host' and voice of 'Goerdel'.
The whole sound track was completed before the first scene was filmed. Sound was then loosely added later. This won Florian a price for his inventiveness!
The movie had a lot of success in the USA. It apparently led to an honorary citizenship to New York for Florian. That's where he's living now.
The music video below is more like a musical trailer to Woodenhead.
It is 'Hospice for Destitute Lovers' written and performed by Steve Abel.
Mardi Potter lends her voice as well and you find me in the video on the drums.
Just like in the movie, this had to be quite asynchronous. Florians girlfriend Teresa fitted me with a good number of nice tattoos before the shoot.

It was filmed in a former funeral parlor later turned Cafe off Symons St.

Hospice for Destitute Lovers Music Video

Woodenhead on WIKI

Florians Home Page    you find me right at the bottom ... (:
we REALLY had fun!...   with Mardi Potter...   for the final bow...   those tattoos after the shoot slghtly wiped...